Even in today’s digital age Credit Unions face challenges in reaching out to members and the Segs affiliated with your charter. Postcards are the answer and there are many benefits beyond just reaching out to your membership. You have an opportunity for branding, sharing the benefits of membership, promoting great rates and services and sharing the connection that the Credit Union has with the Community. Postcards are unique in that you can target members or if you’re looking for membership you can mail based on demographics (age, home owners, income, zip codes, radius, marital status, etc).

Our Goal is to help Credit Unions grow and the only way to accomplish that is through a good marketing strategy. At this point in time we have an opportunity to reach out to people who have a lack of trust and/or respect for the financial industry. We have answers to your needs and we aspire to help you reach your goals. Many of our customers look at Credit Union Marketing as an arm of their Credit Union. It’s in our best interest to serve you well and to help your Credit Union succeed beyond your expectations.  If you look at the potential of  your return on investment it’s not difficult to see the direct impact that postcards could have on your Credit Union.


• Atomic Employees CU sent their postcards out to a zip code close to their newest branch – by age and income, and tripled their monthly goal for that branch in the first 18 days of the promotion.
• Liberty One CU said this of their May 2014 Vacation promotion, “We did a vacation loan promotion with Credit Union Marketing and the phones were ringing off the walls and not just for vacation loans either: car loans, too!”
• Ben E. Keith FCU doubled their loans in June 2014 and doubled their number of RV and boat loans for the year in just 1 month.
• “Baylor Credit Union teamed up with Credit Union Marketing to create a post card for a loan promotion to let our members know about our new online loan applications. The response has been great from our members. Thanks to the team from Credit Union Marketing for a great job. We look forward to working with you in the future.”

Your Part

• Provide us with what you want to promote.
• Provide us with Excel file with member names and addresses (We destroy the file upon mailing of the postcard)
• OR if you want us to provide the mailing list to go to prospective members in a certain area – provide us with zip code or area. We can set parameters by income, age, etc.

Our Part

• We will provide you with a custom design and imprint options of your choice or you may select one of our stock designs. (Minimal art charges apply to custom work)
• We will send you a proof prior to printing so you can see what your final postcard will look like.
• We will remove all duplicates and send one postcard per household.
The total mailing cost is 46 cents per card including spraying names, bar-coding to expedite handling, banding into postal areas and taking to the post office. YOU COULD NOT DO THIS IN-HOUSE FOR THAT PRICE!
With 21 years of credit union marketing experience, we stand behind our products and services.
Let us help you grow your loans this month!